Sol-Ark® Essentials

Sol-Ark 12K-2P
Hybrid Inverter

Future Proof Smart Home Energy Solutions with versatile architecture
Sol-Ark Essentials 12K-2P Hybrid Inverter
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Residential Energy Storage - Whole Home Backup

Partial Home Backup

  • When your power is out, keep the basics and a wide range of appliances up and running in your home.

Transfer Switch

  • For a less expensive solar energy system installation and it integrates with any AC power source.


  • Capable of working with any 48V battery in the marketplace.
Residential Energy Storage Solutions 2x surge protection

Up To 2X Military-Grade Reliability Option

  • Exceeds military-grade standards to keep working through lightning strikes and other military-grade weapons.

EV Home

  • Charge your electric vehicle with the ability to load a single circuit.

Power Your Essentials, Save Money

The Sol-Ark® Essentials hybrid inverter offers a powerful and versatile solution for fueling your home with solar energy. The 12K-2P hybrid solar inverter enables you to create a partial home backup, supporting essential appliances and a wide range of other devices when you are off the grid. It can also power and charge your electric vehicles or generators and help reduce your monthly electricity bills. 

This inverter is NEM 3.0 ready, designed to optimize your home’s energy usage during peak hours when electricity rates are highest. Featuring built-in Time-of-Use (TOU) functionality, the Sol-Ark® Essentials hybrid inverter intelligently manages energy storage and grid usage based on TOU rates. The user-friendly LCD touchscreen simplifies programming for day-of-week and seasonal TOU settings. 

Sol-Ark® Essentials

9kWac Hybrid Inverter

  • 12kWac Solar
  • 9kWac Batteries
  • 200A Grid Pass-Through

Fast and Easy Backup

  • Load Side Connection 
  • Automatic 9kW Essentials Backup
  • Avoid Service Upgrade
  • 120/240V Backup
  • No External Transfer Switch Required

Flexible Battery Choice

  • 275A Battery Charger
  • 2X 48V Battery Port
  • UL9540 Options Available

Seamless Grid Control

  • Multi-Season Time-of day Settings
  • Automatic 5ms Transfer Time
  • Virtual Power Plant Ready

EV or Generator Ready

  • Two-Wire Start Generator
  • Automatic Shed EV Based on Time of Use
  • Single Circuit Smart Load Functionality

12-2P Product Documents​

Future Proof Your System Through Battery Choice

Batteries wear out faster than inverters, and battery technology is still evolving. Sol-Ark’s platform includes your pick of UL9540 battery partners, enabling modern battery features today with easy 48V replacement down the road.

Our Preferred Battery Partners

The Sol-Ark Platform

One Solution to manage all your energy needs

Manage Your Energy Wherever You Are

  • Automate home and
    business backup
  • Program time-of-use settings
  • Evaluate energy use trends
  • Check the health of
    the battery

The Best And Most Robust Inverter On The Market

I work as an electrician and have installed a few different brands of inverters including the Sol-Ark 12k. The Sol-Ark 12k is by far the most technologically advanced and user friendly inverter I’ve installed. It has a charge controller that works with different battery types. It can be integrated with a Tigo transmitter. Has an option for peak shaving and has a option to connect a generator. So when I decided to install a solar system on my own property, I chose Sol-Ark. Also, the tech support is great! I had an issue with the wifi dongle and a five minute call to tech support fixed the problem. Highly recommend Sol-Ark.

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